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Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours.
- Ludwig van Beethoven

Regardless of the budget and size of your wedding, everyone benefits from a wedding planner. Our mission is to help you with full arrangement, or parts of the planning, to fulfill the wedding of your dreams! We are here to reduce the stressful moments and to make sure you are enjoying not only the big day to the fullest, but also the months leading up to the event. With an established network of contacts, integrity, experience and feeling, we know how to maximize your wedding budget. TagerDu helps you with professional planning, design and coordination, making sure your wedding meets all of your expectations and beyond.


Ulrika Ludvigsson, who founded TagerDu, says “I love everything with weddings!”. “I enjoy every part of the process, from developing a concept to making sure the wedding day is everything you wished for. And I believe every part of the process is equal important”. The interest in weddings has sprung from my background. I’ve spent all of my life in different service industries related to each other: the hotel, restaurant and travel industry. Several times weddings were arranged in connection with these occasions, and these were the arrangement that gave me the most pleasure. My first full arrangement wedding was back in ’91 and it changed my life.


Since 2009, I have run TagerDu and I’m enjoying every minute of it.



Ulrika Ludvigsson, CEO



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