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Wedding coordination & event design

We always begin the process with a meeting where we define your wishes and expectations. Based on our 25 questions, we’ll both understand your hopes as well as take the time needed to get to know each other to that ensure the interaction during the process will be as fun and smooth as possible. Based on your hopes and wishes, we’ll design a concept and proposal that fits your needs.


We work closely with a number of hand picked companies that meet our quality requirements: Everything from churches and priests, to stylists, photographers, flower designers and entertainers. For us, a wedding is like a live TV production or a football game: Everything is planned to the very detail, minute by minute. The time slots need to be held and all players needs to be specialists at their position, to ensure a successful outcome. We need great teamwork to create the perfect mix of food, sound, light, decoration, entertainments and laughter! TagerDu is the ultimate coach or executive producer.


For those of you who wants to plan the big day yourselves, but want tips and advice on the way.


For those of you who wants help with the entire arrangement, or just parts of it, based on your own needs, wants or time limit.


For those of you who wants the coordinator present during the entire, or parts, of the planning process in order to secure a stress-free and wonderful wedding day


For those of you who only want to convey the feeling you want, pick a date and say “I do!”. We’ll handle the rest!

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